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Editorial work, translations, copywriting, voice-overs



Due to my bilingual upbringing, I'm fluent in English and German. With over ten years experience working in British and German editorial offices and press departments, I can offer you speedy and accurate translations from German into English and vice versa. Whether you need your website, PowerPoint presentation, speech, or screen-play translated, I'd be happy to help you out.

Editorial work

If you prefer writing your documents yourself, but need an editor to cast an eye over spelling, grammar, and style, you've come to the right place. "I spy with my little eye ..." - that's my job!


Getting the message across is perhaps the most important part of the work when selling a product. A pun that attracts attention in Germany though, might not work the same way linguistically or culturally in English. I can find the right wording for your English advertising in order to capture and captivate an international audience.


Whether for your English-language phone messaging, for training material or roles in video games, films and documentaries – I offer you a strong voice, trained by years of acting practice and singing.

About me

Tessa Hellbusch (Copyright)

I was born in Barcelona, spent my early childhood in the States and then moved to Germany at the age of seven. I spent several years at an international school before attending a German state school at age 11. The only two German words I knew at that point were "Schwein" and "Nein". I realised that saying "no" to a "pig" wouldn't get me far and that I'd have to pick up the German language quickly, just in case conversation might turn to a different topic.

But easier said than done; the trials and tribulations that my tutor and I went through in order for me to understand the difference between Sie (you) and Du (you), or the articles dem (the), den (the), and der (the) were fierce. But eventually the grammar and long words began to sink in and make sense.

On the laptop (Creative Commons CC0)

I studied Drama and English/Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Then I went on to complete an MA in War Studies at King's College, London, before working as commissioning editor at a publishing company specialising in history books for three years.

Later, I worked as deputy press and public relations officer at the British Consulate in Hamburg for five years, where a large part of my work was to write and edit speeches, press releases and reports in both German and English.

After the closure of the Consulate in 2006, I worked as an editor for the online magazine HAMBURG MAGAZIN before launching my own business as a translator, editor and copywriter in January 2008.


As the level of difficulty in texts will vary, I can only give you an accurate price once you provide me with an idea of the length and subject matter of your desired text.


With translations, I calculate by standard line (55 characters, incl. blanks) in the target language, my line rate lying between €1.20 and €2.00 (plus VAT) depending on contents and type of assignment.

Editorial work, text and voice-over work

I bill editorial, copywriting and voice-over work on an hourly rate which is previously agreed upon in writing.


Please either give me a call or send me an e-mail so I can learn more about your project and give you an estimate. You will find my contact details here.


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